Cupcake Wars at School?!

On February 14th, 2022, members from the Baking for Charity Club, a club that I founded my sophmore year in high school and currently lead, went to battle and fought with their most delicious frosting, cake, and decorations.

Each competitor baked their cupcakes at home and brought them to school to be judged and sold in order to raise money for the Baltimore Hunger Project. Cupcakes were judged on 3 categories; most creative, best presentation, and most student votes.

In total, we raised just over $600 for the Baltimore Hunger Project and had huge participation from club members. I am so proud and excited about the success of the fundraiser and the student turnout.

I was inspired to create the fundraiser because of the popular television series, Cupcake Wars. I thought that it would be the perfect way to have a fun baking competition with the larger goal of supporting a great cause.

I am looking forward to the Baking for Charity Club’s next event which will be a plant based bake sale on 4/25/22. We will be donating the money we raise to a vegan food relief group called Food for Life. Stay tuned for an update on that event!



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